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of phases and addictions
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2nd-Jan-2009 11:41 am - the fascination with lomos
wreckless eyeshadow
ok, so i'm pretty late on the fad, but a girl's gotta have other obsessions besides just shopping for makeup right? (btw, i'm still waiting for my edm.. 17 days already!!) and so, i'm hopping on the disderi spree and getting the 3-lense robot. even my guy thinks it's a good idea... been reading up on the forums n shit n found the cheapest place to develop the film! and so for posterity and memory's sake, i'm gonna cut and paste it down here:

Triple D Mini Lab Centre
175 Bencoolen Street
#01-07 Burlington Square
Singapore 189649
Tel 6224 4006

Normal Processing - $3
Cross Processing - $5
Scan to CD +$5
Printing 4R $0.30 each

120 Medium Format
Normal Processing - $5
Cross Processing - $5
Scan to CD +$8
Printing 5S $1.00 each

Fee Fee (b/w)
531 Upper Cross St, Hong Lim Complex

Colour Lab Photofinishing (120)
1 Coleman St #B1-12 The Adelphi S 179803
Tel : 6338 3321

Kim Tian Color Centre (KT) (quote cindy+lomotion)
531 Upper Cross St
#01-06 Hong Lim Complex S050531
Tel: 65381422
Email: ktcolour@pacific.net.sg
Open Mon-Sat, 8.00am - 7.30pm (Closed on Sundays and PH)

135 Xpro+Scan : $10.00 per roll (walk-ins, $12.00)
135 & 120 Xpro only : $5.00 per roll


135 D/O+Scan : $7.00 per roll
135 & 120 D/O only : $3.00 per roll

110 D/O+Scan : $13.00 per roll

$10 for xpro+scan
$0.30 for 4R print

and to buy films (of course i'm taking note of shops that are only vital to locations that are convenient for me, this is not all of it!)

Cathay Photo Store
Add : Peninsula Plaza, 111 North Bridge Road, #01-07/08, 11-14
Tel : 6337 4274
Monday to Saturday : 10 am to 7 pm(Closed on Sunday & PH)

actually u think that i can buy normal 135mm film anywhere. will possibly be going down to mustafa one of these days to check out the prices. and i don't mind expired film! i accidently tried it before while i was still in poly. the photos all came out with a very nice orangey-overexposed look. but obviously at that time i never even heard of lomo, probably wasn't that popular yet.

i found a guy who lives near me and sells cheap china film! called Lucky film i think. i don't give a flying shit about the brand of the film so i'm definitely gonna get film from him. $3 per roll!

www.chiifcameras.com/site2/index.php must share the good stuff right. yesh ppl, this is what i do all day at work. i am zhao geng queen and i indulge my current passions by googling during working hours.

edited to add more info!

"The world's first three Lens camera with Unique effects!

3 Lens ROBOT with inter-Kit design is a small, simple but highly functional creativity.

The shooting through different means, you will understand the endless charm of this "ROBOT"

1. Geostationary shooting, 3 lens will be the same but slightly curved three-grid effect.

2. Alive shooting, hold down the shutter of the fast-moving cameras, three grid animation experience

3. Rotation shooting, rotate your hands of the camera, will show different expressions of the three grid." (broken english and all taken from the original website, which i lost the link to)

30th-Dec-2008 09:40 pm - edm's 3rd special
wreckless eyeshadow
well, it might be only 9% off but the minimum to spend was only 9 bucks. however, the description of the e/s don't really appeal to me.. and besides i rather buy e/s at US1 from pureluxe than from edm. although comparatively, edm will give more e/s, i don't really use that much on the eyes. since mineral e/s already have so much colour in them, its pretty pointless to buy a whole tub of something that i might keep for yrs and yrs and yrs and still not finish using them. so, from a financial and environmental point of view, i rather buy a tub of lesser e/s for lesser $$ but it's enough to last me for a long time, this way, it also ensures that for the same amt of money that i'm spending at edm for e/s, it means that i can buy MORE e/s samples from pureluxe for that same price!

and i really much rather have variety than quantity. especially where makeup is concerned, bcos tastes change all the time. esp with regards to colour. its dependent on so many other factors. like what day it is, what i'm doing that day, who i'm meeting, what i'm wearing... that sorta stuff.

so i just ordered another 9 e/s this afternoon. LOL. from pureluxe. i had to bring the entire drawer of e/s out to make sure i didn't order something i already had and to determine which shades i would really need and use. hahaa. damn drama right.

i also washed the bottom drawer of my mini tier and some jars plus my brushes. since i had time today, otherwise i'll keep on using the brushes and never wash them. urgh. thinking of all the makeup and sweat and dead cells build up makes me queasy.

i have never washed my edm brushes before. hee, yeah i know that's extremely gross but when i got them, i was just so excited that i used them immediately, i only remembered that i should have washed them after i already used them, so like, wth. and continued using them. i washed them early afternoon, and now they're still extremely damp. the cons of using a dense brush i suppose.

hopefully they'll dry by tmr.. i'm not expecting by morning though, thankfully i didn't wash my lhk bcos i knew the rest wouldn't dry so fast. will have to wash the lhk another day.. haha. i'm sucha bum.

supposed to clean my room up today, but in the end, it was my maid who did it for me. hahaha. seriously. who's gonna marry me next time??

anyways, i love love love my makeup. i've never had such fun with makeup before i discovered mineral makeup... before this, i only used it when i was going OUT out, and not for other stuff. but after realizing that blushes were so plenty and varied, and that brushes actually are more than just tool and that there are so mant different types for so many different uses. i am completely hooked, line and sinker. :D
17th-Dec-2008 12:34 pm(no subject)
wreckless eyeshadow
omg i love the new edm special! i've been waiting for the last special to be over for so long!! and when i finally saw the new banner up last night i nearly shrieked out with joy.

i was abit worried that cos the last special, u had to order at least usd34 to qualify for the freebies. thankfully, this time around they dropped the bar to US17. hooray!!! and i put in for a personal custom kit -full and managed to get all their brushes plus foundies for my mom and myself AND stf in sunlight (abit worried that sunlight is too fair for me.. but i guess no harm trying. at most give to my mom. haha) and then i put in the free sample kit. like duh, of course right? so that i can try my foundie in intensive n o glo cos i've only tried it in semi and matte. how how cool is the new special! -scream-

17% off is not so bad, especially if they throw in freebies!


A fresh shimmery blushing bronze just like you'd get after spending an afternoon dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. By Danielle  (yay i love bronzes! and i don't have a shimmery one)


A re-issue of your silvery sprinkle of snowflakes meant to make your eyes dazzle! (sounds awesome to pair up with any other e/s)


A mysterious medium blue with violet twinkles like reflections of the midnight sky off a frozen pond (i love blue e/s!!!)

SUPRISE GIFT! (i love surprises!!)

so yes, what's not to like right?

sigh. now that i've landed back on earth. how much i've been spending for dec is starting to freak me out. thankfully, there are always bonuses to fall back on. and my moonlighting job. thank goodness for all that extra money! what's a girl to do without money and makeup?!?!

4th-Dec-2008 03:29 pm - 2nd
wreckless eyeshadow
so, it's one of those rainy afternoons. doesn't help being stuck in office with no semblance of guidance to be had from any of those creatures around me. it's unfortunate that only 6 months after i started working, my superior left for greener pastures. and left me, alone, with the project. a project which i have the littlest interest in and background information in. and which nobody else in my lab has ever done. yes i am the only fool still doing this project bcos the boss thinks that there maybe a milkable direction. right. the boss who is never around. the boss who is so nice that you can't help but feel guilty whenever you think of her absence in frustration. there is nothing worse than an absent boss and no guidance. perhaps if she were around things wouldn't be so aimless for me. i definitely think so.
3rd-Dec-2008 01:01 pm - 1st
wreckless eyeshadow
right so this is new. never used a LJ account before so...

this is awkward.

current phase and addictions: mineral makeup and shopping online (they both go hand in hand for me)

obviously, the mineral makeup found in singapore either is:

1. too expensive
2. unknown - and therefore unreliable - n therefore i rather not subject my face to it

been trying out several well known online brands, and what i've decided is best for my face:

-foundies from edm (have decided i'm olive-medium, even though i just got a sample of olive-neutral, neutral seems to be able to match my shade, but the undertone is wrong, don't exactly know why it's not right though. not such a makeup guru to dissect the reasons why yet. just know that olive-medium looks more natural on me. surprisingly. cos in the jar it looks fairly dark and yellow. guess i'm more yellow than i know)

- e/s
have tried using from joppa and pureluxe. i purchased 3 fullsized joppa e/s when they were having sale, so they ended up being pretty cheap and i thought i might as well try it out. i got a black shade called Twinkle, which now acts as my liner. for my e/s i use them foiled, cos it really brings out the shimmer/sheen/sparkle in them. i just spray some water into a bowl, and dab my brush into a droplet, dab off the excess water on a tissue. at the same time, i have a very very small spoon, probably about the size of a tea stirrer from Mac's or slightly bigger, but made of more durable plastic, i take that and scoop out a tiny amt of e/s. if you've been using mineral e/s, u probably found out that you only need a tiny itsy bitsy bit of pigment for both eyes. i learnt that by trial and error, and now i only scoop out tiny amounts. otherwise you'll find that your mixing bowls will gradually have lots of pigment in them, and you'll never finish using it. i still have 2 lumps of e/s in the mixing bowl waiting to be used up. it is not hygienic to put it back in the jar!! i'll never do that. yep, so anyway, after dipping my brush into water and dabbing off the excess, just mix it with the e/s to the consistency or shade that u want, and apply. once the e/s dries, it is pretty much fixed onto you eye the whole day. of course use an e/s primer if you want the e/s to last all day. by foiling, it ensures that almost no e/s falls onto your cheeks or eyelashes. which is terribly annoying to clean up.

the brushes i use for eyemake up. i have been using a tiny bobbi brown dual brush for several years now.. it came together with a set of lippies and 3 e/s. one end is a bushy end for applying base colours and shading, and the other end is a thin flat squared brush, that is awesome for lining. recently, i went to art friend and bought 3 paintbrushes, now these are not ordinary water colour brushes, but the rather high end ones i suppose. synthetic hair, and blue handle (can't remember the name), but the bristles are extremely extremely soft. i am guessing that since the brushes were made for art purposes, and for art purposes, will be expected to be dunked into water ALOT, i expect that there will be almost no shedding!! so far, after using it for a week, i can safely say that these brushes are the best liners ever, and best creases brushes ever! of course i will still use my bobbi brown brush, but that is so precious that if it starts shedding i think i will cry. the art brushes however, cost like 3 - 5 bucks so even if something happens to them, it's not like i can't replace it cheaply. grin.

so guess this entry has mostly been about e/s. the rest of my eyeshadows came from pureluxe, cos a gf of mine told me about their samples that were going for US0.50 for 1/8th of a teaspoon, which in reality is actually alot of pigment! and plus if you are anything like me, and ordered 10 e/s at a go each time, chances are you'll never finish using them. i've ordered my second batch, but that consists of e/s for xmas gifts. but of course majority are mostly for me. pureluxe has a crazy amount of e/s. if u check it out, they have like 4 or 5 pages dedicated to eye colours, and they even divided the e/s by family colours so that it'll be easier to browse through. i always go crazy picking colours for my eyes, but i have now learnt about which colours look good on me and which are just ok. for instance, i am now in dire need of a light neutral coloured base, probably creamish or ivory-ish. waiting for my second pureluxe shipment of e/s is a pain! but their shipping is quite impressively fast compared to other companies (coughedmcough), and it takes about 1.5 weeks to reach me with the cheapest shipping.

i have peach tree from edm as part of a sample kit, but it is a tad bit too shiny and sparkly to be used for the whole cheek. makes me look oily. so i just use it as a highlighter for my cheekbones for contouring instead. unfortunately, during a joppa sale, i went crazy buying blushes, and also influences my cousin and aunty to do the same. the result is, i have one full-sized Just Blush, and like 6 other samples that i aliquoted out into clear sterile jars. (originally meant for swab test but.. ho hum.) another edm blusher that i just received is that one that they were giving out for thanksgiving. joined a spree with some girls from a forum to get their new angled blush brush (which currently seems to be missing from the page, maybe it's OOS or maybe it's discontinued. luckily i got it then!!) so yes. the moral of the story about blushes runs concurrently with e/s. DO NOT BUY SO MUCH BLUSHER! or at least the quantities. even with sample sized ones, i don't think i'll ever be able to finish using them! it really is quite insane looking at all my bottles of blushers. but they make me happy. GRIN. the new angled blush brush must be the softed thing ever!! before this i used some crappy no brand blush brush which scratches and is so rough! this new litttle kitten is as soft as.. my pillow on a rainy day. lol :) no regrets buying it.

currently in a spree for:
new flat top brush
long handled kabuki
olive-olive medium

-coastal scents
true black eyeliner gel (but i think OOS) :(

bought 3 items but i think 2 are OOS. oh well saves me money i suppose.
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